Happy New Year: Receive 40% Off Orgain Plant-Based Protein Products

Happy New Year: Receive 40% Off Orgain Plant-Based Protein Products 1

Receive 40% Off Vegan Protein Powder

The New Year is in full swing with January nearly over! We hope you’ve been hitting the gym, getting strong, and consuming healthy amounts of vegan protein!

To celebrate the beginning of 2020, we wanted to share with our readers a deal on plant-based protein products. Orgain is a company whose focus is on providing to it’s consumers organic and healthy products.

One of the many products Orgain produces is a delicious plant-based protein powder. It comes in many amazing flavors including Creamy Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Vanilla Bean. Ordinarily, a 2 lb canister would set you back $29.99. Use the code “NEWYEAR40” to receive 40% off your purchase and pay only $18.00! One serving of this protein powder can serve up 21g of vegan protein along with only 150 calories. Create a protein shake with this protein powder to remain a true vegan while fueling your body with clean and organic nutrition. Visit Orgain.com or click the image above to purchase this product today!

Busy? Orgain offers an alternative in the form of a ready-to-drink protein shake! It contains 16g of plant-based protein along with 21 vitamins and minerals. The available flavors to choose from are Smooth Chocolate and Vanilla Bean. Get yours today using the “NEWYEAR40” promotional code and save $11.99 at checkout!

NEWYEAR40 – don’t forget to use this promo code at checkout!

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