Recipe: High Protein Salad for Vegans

High protein salad

Not only can your salad be vegan-friendly, but it can also be high in protein with added flavors! This recipe is simple, yet delicious! The amount of protein is variable, dependent upon the amount of kidney beans and lentils you choose to add to your salad. We hope you enjoy the taste of this high protein salad, and as always, leave a comment down below on how this recipe turned out for you. If you’re reading this article and it’s the morning, try our favorite, peanut butter overnight oats!


Optional Ingredient (Dressing)


  1. Mix the ingredients (arugula, kidney beans, lentils, and capers) together .
  2. Add a desirable amount of salad dressing and enjoy!

We hope you enjoy this recipe! After trying this recipe for the first time, I became addicted, and now it’s become a favorite of mine that I eat on a weekly basis! It’s easy to make and tastes better than any salad I’ve ever eaten before. In addition, the protein content is higher than any other high protein salad I’ve eaten before. You’re gonna love it! Feel free to browse our other recipes and look at the vegan protein products we have to offer! If you’re an athlete and new to eating vegan foods, please read our article on the strategies you can follow to be successful with this new way of life!


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