Review: Optimum Nutrition’s Vegan Protein Powder

Scoop of vegan protein powder

Optimum Nutrition’s vegan protein powder, formally known as Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Organic Plant-Based Protein Powder, comes in three flavors: Berry, Vanilla, and Chocolate. According to ON, their plant-based protein powder is USDA certified organic. Furthermore, their product contains a non-GMO formula and is free of artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners. For this review, I will be assessing the chocolate version as it is the standard flavor most often ordered by consumers. You can click on the thumbnail below to see the nutritional facts of this product:


The cost of the product, at the time of this review, is $28.37 for 1.59 pound. With the product containing 19 scoops (or servings), this equates to approximately $1.49 per scoop. As a result, each gram of protein comes out to about $0.062. In comparison, Optimum Nutrition’s whey protein powder (in Extreme Milk Chocolate flavor) comes in at $28.48 for 2 pound. This product contains 28 scoops (or servings). This gives us about $1.02 per scoop and $0.032 per gram of protein. While this may seem like a much higher price for the plant-based version of ON’s protein powder in comparison to their whey protein version, the price is still much lower than other brands. Overall, the value of this product is high.

Final Score: B-

Ability to Mix

The ability to easily mix is an important consideration in the purchase of vegan protein powder to ensure no chunks will be left behind. With this in mind, it was important to consider this during my evaluation. For its many benefits, I used soy milk while mixing this product into a protein shake. Soy milk, as was previously stated, is a great source of protein, calcium, and potassium. Therefore, I suggest using it when making any vegan protein shake. However, results may vary if you choose to use water.

I began my testing of the products ability to mix by adding one scoop of vegan protein powder to 10 fluid ounces of soy milk in a blender. The product seemed to have little trouble mixing in the blender. As a result, the protein shake had no noticeable chunks. However, there was one noticeable problem. If I didn’t shake my bottle every 5 to 10 minutes, the protein powder would begin to separate from the soy milk. This caused the shake to be noticeably chalky. I recommend using a shaker bottle to shake the protein drink every few minutes. Consequentially, your protein shake will stay an optimal consistency while drinking it.

Final Score: B+


As with any protein powder and fluid combination, it is essential for the end product to have great taste. This is especially important when it comes to plant-based protein shakes, as the end product can vary drastically. For instance, I have found that some vegan protein shakes taste substantially different than advertised, sometimes with very little taste. However, this was not the case with this product. Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard Plant-Based Protein Powder tastes just like a chocolate shake, with the obvious benefit of containing protein for bodybuilders, weightlifters, and athletes alike. The only issue worth mentioning is that if not enough soy milk is added to the vegan protein powder, the taste can be strong for most. I recommended adding 10 fluid ounces of soy milk, minimum, for each scoop of ON’s plant-based protein powder.

Final Score: A-


As a bodybuilder, weightlifter, or athlete, it is important to have high quality protein with every sip or bite. The quality of vegan protein powder matters tremendously for people that eat and drink only plant-based products. Optimum Nutrition’s chocolate-flavored vegan protein powder contains multiple sources of organic plant protein, including: Organic Pea Protein, Organic Brown Rice Protein, and Organic Sacha Inchi Protein.

The first of the proteins in ON’s product is organic pea protein. According to Healthline, this type of protein is high-quality, contains essential amino acids, and is one of the more easily digestible plant-based proteins. On his website, Dr. Josh Axe suggests that brown rice is another high quality protein that can be used for building muscle. In addition, it is also great for people attempting to lose weight. The lesser-known of the three proteins in ON’s vegan protein powder is the organic sacha inchi protein. Sacha inchi is a plant that mostly grows in the Amazon region, especially in Peru. Bare Blends states on their website that sacha inchi protein is similar to other plant-based proteins in that it is a complete protein and is easy to digest.

Overall, the proteins contained in ON’s plant-based protein powder is of high quality. In addition, ON’s vegan powder has 24 grams of organic protein per serving. This amount is more than most brands offer in their vegan powders. Above all, ON’s vegan protein powder is an amazing source of protein for all types of athletes and every-day consumers.

Final Score: A+


In conclusion, Optimum Nutrition has created a worthy vegan protein powder for their vegan customers. If you’re on the search for green protein, we highly recommend this product.  You can purchase this vegan protein powder directly on the website. In addition, you can view our other vegan protein powders to find the right product for you. Moreover, we also sell other vegan protein products for your daily dietary needs.

Overall Score: A-

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